In the Spring of 1945 Oflag IX A/H and Oflag IX A/Z two prison camps for Allied officers near Kassel, were moved east by the Germans to prevent their liberation by the Americans.

Part of the story of Oflag IX A/Z’s travels has been told before. In May 1945, the popular British picture news magazine, ‘Illustrated’, carried a photo–essay by one of the former prisoners from Oflag IX A/Z. At best, large parts of the story reflect the popular prejudices of the time. At worst the article contains a considerable lie. My research seeks to explain in rather more objective terms what happened to the men of Oflag IX A/Z camp and its partner as their German captors attempted to behave rationally in a world that was falling apart around them.


2 responses to “About

  • Tom Todd

    My father TCV Todd was imprisoned here. I have a picture of him as PoW if of interest.
    When is the book being published?


  • Heinrich Nuhn (living in Rotenburg)

    Dear Mr. Todd,
    I am working at an exhibition on the Jakob-Grimm-Schule in Rotenburg as a camp for POWs to be shown later this year. I would be VERY grateful to you if you could provide me with a photo of your father as a prisoner of war in Rotenburg. Of course, any additional information and/or document is highly welcome. Many thanks in advance,
    Heinrich Nuhn, Laerchenweg 2, 36199 Rotenburg, tel (0)66232482
    e-mail: h.i.nuhn@gmx.de
    website: http://www.hassia-judaica.de

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