Oflag IX A/H

Oflag was an abbreviation for ‘Offizierslager’ – officers camp. The camps were in Military District – ‘Wehrkreis IX’, which gave them their number. Oflag IX A/H, was the senior camp at Spangenberg; the ‘H’ being an abbreviation for Hauptlager or main camp. A few miles further south at Rotenburg an der Fulda, was Oflag IX A/Z. The ‘Z’ an abbreviation for Zweiglager or sub camp. Both were close to Kassel in Hesse.

Oflag IX A/H had two sites. ‘Lower Camp’ was in a converted farm in the village of Elbersdorf, on the edge of Spangenberg. The ‘Upper Camp’ was in Spangenberg Schloß.


1. Oflag IX A/H Spangenberg
2. Oflag IX A/Z Rotenburg an der Fulda


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